About Bill Galvan

Bill has been a comic book fan since he was 7 years old, and has been drawing comics ever since. After graduating high school, he attended  Southern Utah University, working as an editorial cartoonist and layout designer for the school newspaper. In 1996 he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Art/Illustration. In 2003, Bill co-created The Scrapyard Detectives, an all ages comic book series for The Diversity Foundation.

In 2006, Bill was hired by Archie Comics as a freelance penciler, and has also drawn for Marvel Comics and Bongo Comics.  In 2009 he collaborated with writer Batton Lash on the critically acclaimed mini-series Archie: Freshman Year, which chronicled Archie’s first year in high school. This was followed by Archie: Freshman Year- Book 2 and The Archies & Josie and the Pussycats graphic novel. In 2014, Bill penciled the young adult novel, Betty: Diary of Girl Next Door, which was distributed by Random House.

Recently Bill penciled a story for the Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #21, and in Spring 2016 will be penciling stories for the new Pink Panther and Three Stooges series from American Mythology.

Bill Galvan Interview

An Interview with Bill Galvan and JM DeMatteis about Scrapyard Detectives

Checklist of Comics Work:

Graphic Novels
Diary of a Girl Next Door (Betty) 2014
Archie Freshman Year Book 1  2009
Archie Freshman Year Book 2  2011
The Archies and Josie and the Pussycats   2011
Scrapyard Detectives Collected Cases Vol. 1  2007

Archie Comics
Archie: Freshman Year (Archie #587-#591)
Archie: Freshman Year book 2 (Archie and Friends #140-#144)
Archie #608
Archie #609
Archie #649
Archie & Friends #130
Archie & Friends #131
Archie & Friends #146
Archie & Friends #147
Archie & Friends #150
Archie & Friends #151
Archie & Friends #152
Archie & Friends #156
Jughead & Friends #22
Jughead & Friends #24
Jughead & Friends #27
Jughead & Friends #29
The Archies & Josie and the Pussycats (Archie & Friends All-Stars)

Bongo Comics
Treehouse of Horror #21
Simpsons Super Spectacular #7
Simpsons Super Spectacular #14
Bart Simpson #45

Marvel Comics
Age of the Sentry #5 (“Saved by the Wail”)

The Diversity Foundation
The Scrapyard Detectives #1-4
The Scrapyard Detectives Annual #1
The Scrapyard Detectives Collected Cases Vol.1

Thunderbird (b/w) #1-8
Thunderbird (Atlantis Publishing) #1-2

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